Lucy Clark is a seasoned entertainer and vocalist who has recorded with world-renowned producer, Phil Ramone. Lucy was featured in Ramone’s production of “How High The Moon” – duet with vocalist Paul Young, as a tribute to the Grammy award winning legend Les Paul.

Besides inventing the solid body guitar and the first multitrack tape machine, Les Paul also is credited for first discovering Lucy’s vocal talent one night at his home studio in Mahwah, New Jersey.

Les put the original master of Les Paul & Mary Ford on his tape machine, pulled the lead vocal fader down on the console so that Mary Ford’s lead vocal was not heard-then monitored Lucy’s singing (as if she was on the tape instead of Mary). Les then played his lead part live along with the tape while Lucy sang all the lead vocals.

Lucy’s recording career soon took off and made several recordings with Reggae greats Sly Dunbar & Robbie Shakespeare where she recorded a first of a kind country/reggae dance version of “Down On The Corner with Sly and Robbie which landed Lucy her first major record label ¬WEA (Warner Electra Atlantic). She also performed lead vocals on a song featuring The Rolling Stone’s Keith Richards.

The next Lucy/Sly/Robbie releases entitled “Hidin’ Away” and a reggae version of Linda Ronstadt’s, “Just One Look,” also appeared on a major Reggae compilation on the CD entitled Jah Children Invasion Vol.II. The song received even more life with yet another release on the Bullet Records Label as 12 inch Singles.

Lucy kept working on her music and was often seen in the company of such great artists as Smokey and the Bandit’s Jerry Reed and Johnny Cash as well as others. In 1990, Johnny Cash performed and recorded a live concert in Asbury Park, NJ at the Paramount Theatre. Lucy sang a gospel duet with Johnny Cash entitled, “What Is Man.” It had never been performed in public before as well as ever been recorded. Glen Boyd of Blogcritics Magazine…”Not to sound clichéd here, but on this gospel tune Ms. Clark sings like an angel herself.” This concert was released on Universal Records in 2007.

She also contributed her beautiful signature stacked background vocals on “Forty Shades of Green,” a tune Johnny Cash wrote about Ireland when he was visiting there years ago.

At the time when Bon Jovi was recording the New Jersey Album, Lucy recorded a country song entitled, “Daddy’s Side of the Bed,” with Bon Jovi’s guitarist Richie Sambora on acoustic guitar, rather than his famed electric!

In 1998, Lucy was introduced to award winning guitarist and record producer Bob Harris, who agreed to record demos for a duet record Lucy was to perform with country superstar Slim Whitman. After a few bars (just like Les), Bob realized there was something special about Lucy’s voice. Turns out that Bob Harris was also a Les Paul & Mary Ford fan.

Lucy’s management company suggested the duo try to recreate a tune or two in the Les Paul/Mary Ford style. After laboring track by track for a year, Atlantic Records and QVC’s Record label Q Records released the first CD of Bob Harris and Lucy Clark, the CD entitled, “Sentimental Reasons,” a tribute to Les Paul and Mary Ford! Critics wrote the album was “truly a work of art,” Critics raved about Lucy’s clear sultry voice and beautiful angelic harmony vocals.

Lucy later recorded with fiddle legend Vassar Clements at the infamous RCA “Studio B” (legends such as; Elvis, Buddy Holly, & Dolly Parton to name a few recorded there) in Nashville, Tennessee. Vassar would later join Lucy in New Jersey to record another all original album entitled, “The Windjammer.”

In the summer/fall of 2006, it was suggested to Lucy that she write a Christmas song. She got together with Bob Harris and decided to write a song about her beloved Italian family who misbehaves on Christmas Eve. This brings us to the comedy hit song “Jersey Bada Bing Christmas.” This unique CD is packaged in an actual “mini” pizza box and the CD itself looks like a real pizza. It was deemed a hit record by New Jersey’s largest newspaper. Les said to think “Bing,” this time Lucy thought “Bada Bing.”

Included inside the pizza box is a mini movie Jersey Bada Bing music video DVD, which was filmed on location in Sopranoville (the town Lucy grew up in), it’s guaranteed to make you smile.

Lucy’s latest project is released is unique to the entire world. Lucy has the honour of singing with none other than the “King of Rock n’ Roll,” Elvis Presley.

This Dance track and an THE EXTENDED Mix titled will be released by CME through the Memphis Recording Service label in Europe in March 2008 only through Music download stores.

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