Chords just got a lot simpler- when you do this …

Download the free study guide here:’s a video from my brand-new series called 10 All Time Top Folk Songs where we

will use 3 chords (the D, g and c)and 1 fingerpicking pattern. Trainees though who are simply beginning out, have issues with G C or the D Chord, brief fingers, fat fingers, problems striking other strings while attempting to form chords(most all common left hand problems )will desire to watch this video, as we go over 8 methods or guidelines to make chord playing easier.This intro course includes lots of pointers for playing the 3 chords and the one fingerpicking pattern that we have actually taught extensively over here at Acoustic Guitar Videos & Lessons Channel.Proper posture is the very first action to tidy chords, as slouching will make forming chords a lot more tough. This attempted and real method of appropriate strategy will be your best bet to tidy chords and good left hand positioning to be able to reach those difficult notes.

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